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L'Chaim Meats Sheesham Wood Non Stick Cooking Serving Utensils Kitchen set Spoon Set

L'Chaim Meats Sheesham Wood Non Stick Cooking Serving Utensils Kitchen set Spoon Set

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Multipurpose Serving and Cooking Spatulas / Spoon Set. Your cooking and dining experience can be greatly enhanced by using the right set of Spatulas/Spoon sets. Made from pure Rosewood (Sheesham), the Handmade wooden spoon set is an ideal solution for cooking as well as serving your favorite dishes. Available in a set of 7 different Spatulas that can be used for serving various items and for cooking roti's, dosas, omelets and more, this set is a great addition to your kitchen tool set. Made from High-Quality Material, Ideal for Daily Use Constructed using high-quality wood, the Handmade wooden serving, and cooking spoon set is perfect for cooking use as unlike plastic, it does not leech harmful chemicals into your food. Also, its non-abrasive wooden construction makes it ideal for use with non-stick cooking utensils, unlike metal-based spoons. 1. Elegant and Ergonomic Design, Easy to Maintain Furthermore, the ergonomic design of these spoons makes them easy to use and handle for daily purposes. Featuring lengths between 10 and 15 inches, these Spatulas have the perfect size required for efficient cooking. 2. Due to their sturdy construction, cleaning these Spatulas is a fairly easy task. Wash the set in water before its first-time use and use a simple liquid detergent solution to wash it after every subsequent use. 3. To keep your Cooking Spoons at their best, Wipe with oil for maintaining per month! And avoid abrasives, pro-longed soaking in water and DO NOT put into dishwasher, microwave, freezer or oven. Keep away from heat and sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place.

  • Made with high quality Rosewood (Sheesham).
  • Non-Stick Safe: Soft edges ensures vessels are scratch free. Ideal for NON STICK.
  • Long Life: Wooden cooking spoons are made from single block of wood, doesn't have any cuts or joints and this improves their life and reliability
  • Non-Toxic and 100% food safe.
  • The package contains 7 spoons to serve different purposes (Dosa Palta, Jharni, Serving spoon, Butter Palta, Karchi, Jhara) and 1 Barrel Shaped Spoon Holder.