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American Bison Tenderloin Tails (Hind Quarters)

American Bison Tenderloin Tails (Hind Quarters)

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1 pc | approx 1. Lb (weight may vary)

SKU : 15220 - tenderloin tails

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  • Not to be confused with stew meat, these buttery tenderloin tips are just as tender and delicious as the premium cuts. The rich flavor of the tenderloin is versatile and tenderloin tails can be used in a variety of dishes either on the grill or in a skillet. 
  • At L’Chaim, our meat is top quality because our bison are top quality. Sustainability raised, grass fed and never given hormones, antibiotics or steroids of any kind. When you buy one of our premium steaks, you are buying a part of a delicious American legacy.

Estimated Weight: 1 LB | $99.83/ LB