About Us

L’CHAIM MEATS: A Toast to American Life! 

When people think of South Dakota, they see the gentle rolling landscape and fields of grain. They see America’s heartland, provider of food for the entire country and the world beyond. At L’Chaim Meats we seek to uphold this legacy by providing the best in Kosher Bison. Our Bison are raised on the rolling green acres of our South Dakota ranch, breathing clean air and running free just as nature intended. Our meat is high protein, low calorie and ethically prepared using Kosher practices, ensuring that L’Chaim Bison is healthy meat that you can feel good about.


Our Ranch has historical roots as deep as our oak trees. Cheyenne Ranch has been used for cattle farming since the early 1800s, with thousands of rolling acres for the cattle to roam. L’Chaim meats have gone back even further with the nature of the land, using the fields for bison. One of the only truly American animals, these gorgeous creatures are designed to live in the rolling hills of South Dakota and are perfectly suited to the habitat. Our Bison are hearty and completely free range. This lifestyle means our Bison require little medical intervention, keeping their meat free from the antibiotics and hormones often found in beef. In addition, L’Chaim bison are not contained in artificial shelters, and will never know the horror of a modern slaughter house. At L’Chaim, our bison slaughtered Kosher, meaning we use ethical, pain free methods that have been passed down for generations. Our Bison lead a good life, so you can feel good about buying our delicious meat. Buy L’Chaim and taste the wild of South Dakota as nature intended it to be!