Badatz Mekor Haim Kosher Certificate

B'Datz "Mekor Haim" under the guidance and Leadership of Harav Hagaon Eliyahu Ben-Chaim shlit"a was established in the month of Iyar 5773 as a response to the numerous requests and great need for the Torah observant and G-d fearing public that accepted upon themselves the rulings of Maran HaBeit Yosef, and were unable to find satisfactory alternatives from other existing kashrut organization.

As an example 'halak' meat that other kashrut supervisions (even the mehadrin ones) 'mema'achin bsirkot' yet write on it 'glatt', and similarly cooking by gentiles that Maran HaBeit Yosef was extremely stringent about whereas the Ram"a was most lenient. As this certainly presents difficulties for those who wish to maintain their principles without relying upon leniencies and allowances, the Rav shlit"a saw the need to reinforce this breach and established a kashrut supervision body under the auspices of the Beit Din.

An establishment that is entirely under the kashrut of the B'Datz has to display a kashrut certificate with the name and address of the place and an original seal and hand signature of the head of the kashrut organization. On the certificate will appear a logogram with the kashrut signs of the B'Datz. It is necessary to ensure that the certificate is valid and that the date inscribed has not expired. A photocopy of the certificate does not guarantee the kashrut of the establishment. It is strictly forbidden to copy a certificate and should one be seen, please report this immediately to the offices of the B'Datz.

The certificate contains black, red and blue colors, and the seal is blue as is the signature of the Hagaon Harav Ben-Chaim shlit"a