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American Bison Tenderloin Medallions (Hind Quarters)

American Bison Tenderloin Medallions (Hind Quarters)

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1 pc | approx 0.95 Lb (weight may vary)

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  • Cut from one of the leanest parts of the bison,  these medallions are great for getting a lot of savory bison protein without a lot of calories. Perfect for athletes, or anyone looking to enjoy red meat on a diet. Delicious when marinated and grilled, or braised. 
  • L’Chaim Meat is all-natural meat that you can feel good about. Our Bison are free roaming on our South Dakota Ranch, grass fed on the prairie just as nature intended. Our Bison are sustainably raised, and are never given antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones of any kind. Taste true American red meat, and try L’Chaim Bison today.

Bison Tenderloin Medallions (Hind Quarters)

Estimated Weight 0.95 Lb | $105.60 / LB